Environmental Planning Services

KC Environmental, Inc. (KCE) assists our clients to pursue strategies that avoid or mitigate impact to our island environment, which has a delicate ecological balance, a rich heritage of fragile Hawaiian cultural resources, and numerous endangered avian, floral, and faunal species.

We understand environmental compliance, land-use permitting, and resource protection processes; and we also understand your high technology requirements. We have more than twenty years of experience assisting our high tech industrial, astronomy, space surveillance, reclamation, tourism, broadcaster, and ranching clients to operate successfully while responsibly preserving and protecting pristine resources such as shorelines and summit areas of Haleakala, Maui.

Our staff and partners conduct environmental impact assessments, environmental and engineering surveys and studies, and we provide environmental planning for facility/experimental development. KCE also provides monitoring and management services to ensure that our clients can continue to maintain environmental compliance.

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